Caroline Cw Klaver

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PurposeRandomized controlled trials have shown the efficacy of atropine for progressive myopia, and this treatment has become the preferred pattern for this condition in Taiwan. This study explores the effectiveness of atropine 0.5% treatment for progressive high myopia and adherence to therapy in a non-Asian country.MethodsAn effectiveness study was(More)
PURPOSE To report the long-term follow-up of a case of enhanced S-cone syndrome (ESCS). METHODS Retrospective chart review. RESULTS The patient was misdiagnosed with atypical retinitis pigmentosa at 17 years of age. Twenty-seven years of follow-up showed slow deterioration but relative preservation of vision. The most striking clinical feature was the(More)
PURPOSE Uveal melanoma is a highly malignant disease with a mortality rate of 50% at 10 to 15 years. Previous studies have shown that chromosomal changes are associated with decreased survival of the patient. However, in these studies the small number of tumors analyzed did not allow robust statistical analysis. In the present study, the independent(More)
BACKGROUND The hallmarks of age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the developed world, are the subretinal deposits known as drusen. Drusen identification and measurement play a key role in clinical studies of this disease. Current manual methods of drusen measurement are laborious and subjective. Our purpose was to expedite(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the conclusion of our previous prospective study of 250 patients with isolated posterior vitreous detachment: follow-up visits are only necessary if patients mention symptoms of flashes in combination with multiple floaters or a curtain or cloud at the initial examination, or an increase in number of floaters after the initial(More)
Background To explore the role of microvascular pathology in migraine, we investigated the association between migraine and retinal microvascular damage. Methods We included 3270 participants (age ≥ 45 years, 63% women) from the population-based Rotterdam Study (2006-2009). Participants with migraine were identified using a validated questionnaire based on(More)
BACKGROUND In animal models, lack of thyroid hormone is associated with cone photoreceptor preservation, while administration of high doses of active thyroid hormone leads to deterioration. The association between thyroid function and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has not been investigated in the general population. METHODS Participants of age ≥(More)
Inherited eye disorders have a large clinical and genetic heterogeneity, which makes genetic diagnosis cumbersome. An exome-sequencing approach was developed in which data analysis was divided into two steps: the vision gene panel and exome analysis. In the vision gene panel analysis, variants in genes known to cause inherited eye disorders were assessed(More)
PURPOSE High myopia (≤-6 D) usually has its onset before 10 years of age and can lead to blinding complications later in life. We examined whether differences in myopia prevalences in socioeconomic risk groups could be explained by differences in lifestyle factors. METHODS A total of 5711 six-year-old children participating in the prospective(More)
PurposeThe purpose of this study is to optimise the settings of the Retinal Image Analysis Laboratory (RIALAB), a semi-automatic drusen quantification software, in planning for high-throughput quantification of drusen in clinical studies of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).Patients and methodsA comparison of five different settings in RIALAB was made(More)