Caroline Bowen

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Developmental phonological disorders are a group of developmental language learn ing disorders of unknown aet iology, occurring at a phonological level, and man ifested in the use of abnormal speech patterns, by children, impairing their general intell igibility. This is one of a series of papers arising from an eY cacy study of a treatment model for(More)
The focus here is a detailed case description of a broad-based model for treat ing developmental phonological disorders. Successful treatment comprising 27 consultations over 17 months, of a girl aged 4;4 at the outset, with a mod erate phonological disability, is examined in detail. The model’s strength is in its combination of family education,(More)
UNLABELLED A major challenge for the speech-language pathology profession in many cultures is to address the mismatch between the "linguistic homogeneity of the speech-language pathology profession and the linguistic diversity of its clientele" (Caesar & Kohler, 2007, p. 198). This paper outlines the development of the Multilingual Children with Speech(More)
This paper provides an overview of a workshop on the implementation of a tested phonological therapy model, and complements handout materials for workshop participants. The workshop focuses on the practicalities of administering the therapy against a background of its theoretical origins, clinical development and validating research (Bowen, 1996). Emphasis(More)
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