Caroline Bouzon

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Research into the effect of stress and boundaries on segmental duration in speech has, for obvious reasons, most often been applied to carefully constructed sentences pronounced in laboratory conditions. The availability of a large labelled database of British English (Aix-Marsec) provides an opportunity to test different hypotheses concerning the factors(More)
This paper provides a detailed account of the durational differences induced at different structural levels (inter-silence segments, rhythmic units, syllables, syllabic constituents, phones) by changes in speech rate from normal to slow speech in read British English. Using the data described in this study, we present preliminary results concerning a(More)
English, like all languages, typically involves a great variability in the duration of the structural units taken into account in the observation (phonemes, syllables, feet, words, etc.). In this paper some prosodic factors likely to influence the duration were tested for their influence in two analyses. In the first analysis, the predominant factor turned(More)
Cet article a pour objectif principal de fournir quelques éléments de comparaison concernant les systèmes prosodiques de plusieurs variétés d’anglais. Après une présentation de quelques concepts fondamentaux de la prosodie (notamment concernant sa structure ; section 1), nous évoquerons quelques éléments de typologie permettant la catégorisation de(More)
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