Caroline Bobik

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In 7 studies, the authors examined the link between emotional intelligence and interpersonal relations. In Studies 1 and 2, the participants with higher scores for emotional intelligence had higher scores for empathic perspective taking and self-monitoring in social situations. In Study 3, the participants with higher scores for emotional intelligence had(More)
Extract: Renal cortex from fetal and neonatal rabbits (from 4–5 days preterm to 4 days of age) shows results comparable with maternal renal cortex during in vitro stimulation of the 2,200 × g pellet with parathyroid hormone (PTH) at 20 μg/ml. Incubation with sodium fluoride (10 mM), a nonspecific potent stimulator of adenyl cyclase, resulted in comparable(More)
Studies were performed to evaluate glucose homeostasis in children with intrahepatic biliary hypoplasia (IBH) with chronic cholestatic syndrome and growth retardation. Eight I.V. glucagon tolerance tests (30 μg/kg) on five IBH patients (4-12 yrs of age) were compared to 8 controls. Fasting (14-16 hr) glucose was lower in IBH (67 ± 4 mg% vs 80.8 ± 3.67; p <(More)
Citrate complexing of Ca during neonatal “exchange” blood transfusions is associated with stimulation of PTH; theoretically P loading occurs from partially hemolyzed or P buffered blood. During exchange transfusions in 31 neonates (gestation 27-41 wks, postnatal ages 0.1-8d), serum ionized Ca and Mg decreased (paired t, p<.05), P increased from 5.23±.26(More)
Sixteen neonates, ranging in gestational age from 27 to 41 weeks and in postnatal age from birth to 8 days, were evaluated for their renal response to an endogenous PTH stimulus in 22 separate experiments. The PTH stimulus was generated by the decreased serum ionized Ca that accompanies exchange transfusion with citrated blood. The neonates increased their(More)
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