Caroline Berger

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RATIONALE The formation of novel blood vessels is initiated by vascular endothelial growth factor. Subsequently, DLL4-Notch signaling controls the selection of tip cells, which guide new sprouts, and trailing stalk cells. Notch signaling in stalk cells is induced by DLL4 on the tip cells. Moreover, DLL4 and DLL1 are expressed in the stalk cell plexus to(More)
Bag-1 consists in humans of four isoforms generated from the same RNA by alternative translation. Overexpression of single Bag-1 isoforms has identified Bag-1 as a negative regulator of action of many proteins including the glucocorticoid receptor (GR). Here we have analysed the ability of Bag-1 to regulate the transrepression function of the GR. Silencing(More)
AIMS Notch signalling is essential for blood vessel formation. During angiogenesis, the Notch ligand DLL4 on the leading tip cell activates Notch receptors on the adjacent stalk cells. DLL4-Notch signalling is impaired by the Notch ligand JAG1 in endothelial cells. The Delta/Serrate/Lag2 (DSL) domain of the Notch ligands binds to the EGF-like repeats 11-13(More)
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