Caroline Bazinet

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The morphogenesis of spermatids generally takes place within a syncytium, in which all spermatid nuclei descended from a primary spermatocyte remain connected via an extensive network of cytoplasmic bridges. A late step in sperm maturation therefore requires the physical resolution of the syncytium, or cyst, into individual cells, a process sometimes(More)
The clathrin heavy chain (HC) is the major structural polypeptide of the cytoplasmic surface lattice of clathrin-coated pits and vesicles. As a genetic approach to understanding the role of clathrin in cellular morphogenesis and developmental signal transduction, a clathrin heavy chain (Chc) gene of Drosophila melanogaster has been identified by a(More)
Carrot somatic embryos were encapsulated in alginate gel beads. To improve the quality of a "synthetic seed" coating, the rheology and dehydration properties of different matrices were tested. By increasing alginate and CaCl(2) concentrations, additional mineral elements were shown to increase resistance to rupture, and to depress the germination of somatic(More)
Because mammalian light chains have been implicated in the regulation of clathrin coat assembly and neuronal specialization of clathrin-mediated vesicle trafficking, a clathrin light-chain gene of Drosophila has been sought as a genetically tractable model for these developmental membrane-trafficking systems. A light-chain gene has been identified and its(More)
After lactation, weaning causes mammary epithelial cell (MEC) apoptosis. MECs express the plasma membrane calcium-ATPase 2 (PMCA2), which transports calcium across the apical surface of the cells into milk. Here we show that PMCA2 is down-regulated early in mammary involution associated with changes in MEC shape. We demonstrate that loss of PMCA2 expression(More)
Somatic embryos are characterised by the absence of any protection, a very low reserve level and a high water content. The effects on the respiration and the radicular elongation of somatic embryos of a non toxic and easy to use hydrogel, such as alginate, have been studied. Respiration or germination rates decreased with an increase in alginate(More)
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