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The prevailing view is that recreational methamphetamine use causes a broad range of severe cognitive deficits, despite the fact that concerns have been raised about interpretations drawn from the published literature. This article addresses an important gap in our knowledge by providing a critical review of findings from recent research investigating the(More)
Curiosity drives many of our daily pursuits and interactions; yet, we know surprisingly little about how it works. Here, we harness an idea implied in many conceptualizations of curiosity: that information has value in and of itself. Reframing curiosity as the motivation to obtain reward-where the reward is information-allows one to leverage major advances(More)
Course content: This course is concerned with the study of mind and brain, what is called " cognitive neuroscience ". Cognitive neuroscience is an inter-disciplinary area that represents an attempt by cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists to discover how mental processes are implemented in the brain. The approach focuses on human cognitive and(More)
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