Caroline Armbruster

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Immunoassays designed to measure low concentrations of staphylococcal protein A (SPA) that have been leached into antibody preparations intended for therapeutic use are subject to differing degrees of interference. Methods established to quantify SPA in murine antibody preparations are not accurate in the presence of human or humanized IgG. We report the(More)
Accuracy of antigen determination in human plasma samples is often adversely affected by immune complex formation between antigens (e.g., HIV-1 p24 protein) and specific antibodies. In this study we describe an optimized method for complete immune complex dissociation (ICD) in plasma. This method is based on heat denaturation of antibodies and utilizes a(More)
Measurement of mechanical properties of soft biological tissue remains a challenging task in mechanobiology. Recently, we presented a bioreactor for simultaneous mechanostimulation and analysis of the mechanical properties of soft biological tissue samples. In this bioreactor, the sample is stretched via deflection of a flexible membrane. It was found that(More)
The lung has a huge inner alveolar surface composed of epithelial cell layers. The knowledge about mechanical properties of lung epithelia is helpful to understand the complex lung mechanics and biomechanical interactions. Methods have been developed to determine mechanical indices (e.g., tissue elasticity) which are both very complex and in need of costly(More)
In an in vitro model of the entire rat diaphragm, diaphragmatic contraction forces at defined preload levels were investigated. A total of 24 excised rat diaphragms were electrically stimulated inside a two-chamber strain-applicator. The resulting contraction forces were determined on eight adjusted preload levels via measuring the elicited pressure in the(More)
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