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The ultimate goal of feeding puppies and kittens is to ensure a healthy adult. The specific objectives, however, are to optimize growth, minimize risk factors for disease, and achieve optimal health and longevity. Minimum nutrient requirements are easiest to determine in growing animals using growth rates as the nutritional marker. These levels ensure a(More)
Aerosol-assisted chemical vapor deposition (AACVD) was used for the first time in the preparation of thin-film electrochromic nickel(II) oxide (NiO). The as-deposited films were cubic NiO, with an octahedral-like grain structure, and an optical band gap that decreased from 3.61 to 3.48 eV on increase in film thickness (in the range 500-1000 nm). On(More)
Diabetes mellitus is often a frustrating disorder to treat. Many animals appear resistant to the effects of insulin, while others, especially cats, are very sensitive to its effects and therefore prone to bouts of hypoglycemia. Because of difficulties in glucose regulation, many veterinarians have referred to the treatment of diabetes mellitus as an art(More)
Two mechanisms of doping Li(3)NbO(4), which has an ordered, rock salt superstructure, have been established. In the "stoichiometric mechanism", the overall cation-to-anion ratio is maintained at 1:1 by means of the substitution 3Li(+) + Nb(5+) --> 4Ni(2+). In the "vacancy mechanism", Li(+) ion vacancies are created by means of the substitution 2Li(+) -->(More)
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