Carolina iturra Herrera

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BACKGROUND The rectum is particularly vulnerable to HIV transmission having only a single protective layer of columnar epithelium overlying tissue rich in activated lymphoid cells; thus, unprotected anal intercourse in both women and men carries a higher risk of infection than other sexual routes. In the absence of effective prophylactic vaccines,(More)
In complement to an effective vaccine, development of potent anti-HIV microbicides remains an important priority. We have previously shown that the miniCD4 M48U1, a functional mimetic of sCD4 presented on a 27 amino-acid stable scaffold, inhibits a broad range of HIV-1 isolates at sub-nanomolar concentrations in cellular models. Here, we report that M48U1(More)
Soluble cervicovaginal biomarkers of inflammation, immune activation and risk of HIV acquisition are needed to reliably assess the safety of new biomedical prevention strategies including vaccines and microbicides. However, a fuller understanding of expression profiles in women at high risk for HIV infection is crucial to the effective use of these(More)
La organización de la enseñanza de la lectura en las aulas chilenas. Diferencias entre profesores calificados como básicos o como competentes* Palabras clave análisis de la práctica educativa; comprensión de textos; evaluación desempeño docente a b s t r a C t The article describes Chilean teachers' educational practice in primary education reading(More)
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