Carolina de la Cruz

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INTRODUCTION Although headache prevalence decreases in patients older than 65, headaches are a common complaint and their different clinical and therapeutic features must be understood. This article analyses the clinical characteristics of elderly patients treated in an outpatient headache unit. METHODS We collected demographic and clinical data from(More)
Psoriasis is a chronic systemic disease with important skin manifestations, affecting 2 % of the population. It is more frequent and severe in obese patients, and both have been associated with a higher cardiovascular risk. Recent studies suggest that weight loss may improve psoriasis and metabolic comorbidities in obese patients. We reviewed our(More)
Epicrania fugax (EF) was first described by Pareja et al in 2008 [1]. It has been recently included in the Appendix of the 3rd edition of The International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-III, beta version) [2]. It is characterized by ultrabrief paroxysms of unilateral pain spreading from the posterior scalp to the ipsilateral eye or nose, along(More)
INTRODUCTION Supraorbital neuralgia (SON) is an uncommon disorder characterized by pain in the area supplied by the supraorbital nerve, which covers the medial aspect of the forehead, together with tenderness over the supraorbital notch or along the course of the nerve. Few hospital-based series of non-trauma SON have been published. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic migraine (CM) is a complication of episodic migraine, favored by risk factors as medication overuse (MO). We intend to compare demographic and clinic characteristics of a series of CM patients, with and without MO. METHODS The study included patients with CM (2006 revised criteria) attended in a headache outpatient office located in a(More)
OnabotulinumtoxinA (OnabotA) was approved for treatment of chronic migraine (CM) after publication of PREEMPT trials. Thus, we set out to evaluate the efficacy of OnabotA in a series of patients with CM treated according to the PREEMPT protocol. In May 2012 we began to offer OnabotA to patients with CM who did not respond to topiramate and at least one(More)
OBJECTIVES Headache is a common cause of medical consultations. We aim to analyze demographic characteristics of first two thousand patients in our register, and the incidence of their different headaches coded according to the International Classification of Headache Disorders, ii edition (ICHD-II). PATIENTS AND METHODS On January 2008 a headache(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemicrania continua is characterised by a continuous unilateral pain, which frequently gets worse in association with autonomic symptoms. It is probably little known and underdiagnosed. Its diagnosis requires a response to indomethacin, which is not always well tolerated. AIMS We report a series of 36 cases of hemicrania continua that were(More)
OBJECTIVES/BACKGROUND We analyzed characteristics of hypnic headache (HH), migraine and the relationship between both headaches in 23 patients. HH is an uncommon primary headache characterized by exclusively sleep-related attacks. Concurrence of other headaches, mainly migraine, has been reported, but relationship between both syndromes has rarely been(More)