Carolina de Souza Carneiro

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Adolescents' body image (BI) may not match their nutritional status. This study selected representative sample of healthy adolescents aged between 12 and 18 from public and private schools. Anthropometric measures were performed in order to calculate the body mass index (BMI) percentile. The silhouette scale proposed by Childress was used to evaluate BI,(More)
PURPOSE Compare multiple in office BP measurements in adolescents using an oscillometric device with out-of-office blood pressure measurements (home blood pressure monitoring - HBPM). MATERIALS AND METHODS Office measurements were performed with validated semi-automatic devices twice (3 minutes interval) in two different moments (1 week apart), with a(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescence is a transition stage between childhood and adulthood and is an important phase for the acquisition of future lifestyles, including the practice of physical activity (PA). The prevalence of sedentary lifestyle in adolescents is often high, creating the need for studies addressing the practice of PA and its associated factors for a(More)
BACKGROUND Blood pressure is directly related to body mass index, and individuals with increased waist circumference have higher risk of developing hypertension, insulin resistance, and other metabolic changes, since adolescence. OBJECTIVE to evaluate the correlation of blood pressure with insulin resistance, waist circumference and body mass index in(More)
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