Carolina Uribe

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Mediterranean forests are vulnerable to numerous threats including wildfires due to a combination of climatic factors and increased urbanization. In addition, increased temperatures and summer drought lead to increased risk of forest fires as a result of climate change. This may have important consequences for C dynamics and balance in these ecosystems.(More)
There is increasing interest in carbon sequestering capacity of agroforestry systems especially in relation to climate change. Appropriate implementation of silvopastoral practices in dehesa systems may contribute to their sustainability; improve soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) storage capacity while reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) flux from the soil to(More)
This publication was made possible through the financial and technical support of the SAMHSA, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, grant # 1H79SM56854-01, Washington, DC. The views presented here are those of the authors and not necessarily those of SAMHSA or its directors, officers or staff.A Ac ck kn no ow wl le ed dg ge em me en nt(More)
A high statistics measurement of the D(s)+ lifetime from the Fermilab fixed-target FOCUS photoproduction experiment is presented. We describe the analysis of the two decay modes, D(s)+ --> phi(1020)pi+ and D(s)+ -->K*(892)0K+, used for the measurement. The measured lifetime is 507.4 +/- 5.5(stat) +/- 5.1(syst) fs using 8961 +/- 105 D(s)+ --> phi(1020)pi+(More)
A high-statistics sample of photoproduced charm from the FOCUS experiment has been used to search for direct CP violation in the decay rates for D+-->K(S)pi+ and D+-->K(S)K+. We have measured the following asymmetry parameters relative to D+-->K-pi+pi+: A(CP)(K(S)pi+) = (-1.6+/-1.5+/-0.9)%, A(CP)(K(S)K+) = (+6.9+/-6.0+/-1.5)%, and A(CP)(K(S)K+) =(More)
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