Carolina Souza

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The authors present the histological and cytological features of bone marrow (BM) in 152 employees from the steel plant of Cubatão (S. Paulo-Brazil) who presented with neutropenia, due to chronic exposure to benzene and its homologues. All patients were male. Mean age was 35 years. At the time of this study, all patients were removed from risk areas because(More)
Pulmonary lymphoproliferative disorders (LPD) are characterised by abnormal proliferation of indigenous cell lines or infiltration of lung parenchyma by lymphoid cells. They encompass a wide spectrum of focal or diffuse abnormalities, which may be classified as reactive or neoplastic on the basis of cellular morphology and clonality. The spectrum of(More)
OBJECTIVE Transthoracic fine-needle aspiration is an accurate and safe method for diagnosis of pulmonary lesions, and pneumothorax is the most frequent complication of the procedure. Crossing a lung fissure during biopsy has been thought to increase the risk of pneumothorax, and the need to cross a fissure is considered a relative contraindication. The(More)
The serum immunoglobulin (IgG, IgM and IgA) concentrations of 52 chlorinated-exposed workers were examined and compared with those of non-exposed, age- and sex-matched individuals. At the time of testing, the exposed population had mean hexachlorobenzene (HCB) blood levels of 3.84 micrograms/dl with a range of 0.1 to 16 micrograms/dl. Increased IgG and IgM(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to use high-resolution MDCT to assess the relation of the pulmonary vasculature to septic emboli with particular attention to the feeding vessel sign. MATERIALS AND METHODS The MDCT scans of nine patients with septic emboli were retrospectively, blindly evaluated by two observers. A control group of 10 patients(More)
In this work we have studied the respiratory burst and chemotaxis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes from 51 workers exposed to chlorinated compounds, which were compared with those of non-exposed, age- and sex-matched individuals. These two neutrophil functions were significantly reduced as compared to controls. No correlation was observed between the length(More)
The P2X7 receptor (P2X7R), an ATP-gated cation channel, is expressed predominantly in leukocytes. Activation of P2X7R has been implicated in the formation of a cytolytic pore (i.e., a large conductance channel) that allows the passage of molecules up to 900 Da in macrophages. At least two hypotheses have been presented to explain the conversion of a(More)
Systemic arterial air embolism is a rarely encountered but much feared complication of percutaneous lung biopsy. We present a comprehensive review of iatrogenic air embolism post-lung biopsy, a complication that is often suboptimally managed. This review was inspired by our own institutional experience and we use this to demonstrate that excellent outcomes(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to evaluate the high-resolution CT (HRCT) scan findings of patients with the reversed halo sign (RHS) and to identify distinguishing features among the various causes. METHODS Two chest radiologists reviewed the HRCT scans of 79 patients with RHS and determined the CT scan findings by consensus. We studied the(More)