Carolina Schwartz

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Synaptic membranes were isolated from the forebrains of rats of increasing postnatal ages. Developmentally related changes in the structure and concnetration of synaptic membrane glycoproteins were indicated by: (1) a 2--3 fold increase in glycoprotein sialic acid between 5 and 60 days; (2) a similar increase in the number of membrane receptors for the(More)
In 1972 (1) we proposed a novel chemical mediator of insulin action. We next announced the discovery of an insulin-generated substance which inhibited the cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase in 1976 (2). In 1979 (3) we demonstrated the existence of a chemical mediator of insulin action which had intracellular effects: it Specifically inhibited cyclic(More)
Neutrophil migration to an inflamed site constitutes the first line of the innate immune response against invading microorganisms. Given the crucial role of endogenous lectins in neutrophil mobilization and activation, lectins from exogenous sources have often been considered as putative modulators of leukocyte function. Lectins purified from snake venom(More)
Brief treatment of rat adipocytes with low concentration of trypsin activated both cell membrane and intracellular insulin-sensitive functions in marked contrast to H2O2 (1), increase in pH, and oxidized glutathione (Papers I and II). Glucose oxidation was activated maximally by trypsin in 30 s and preceded maximal activation of glycogen synthase, which(More)
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