Carolina Rueda

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Increases in extracellular glutamate during cerebral ischemia may play an important role in neuronal injury. Lubeluzole is a novel neuroprotective drug, which in previous in vitro and focal ischemia studies has been shown to inhibit nitric oxide synthesis, to block voltage-gated Na+-ion channels, and to inhibit glutamate release. In this study, we(More)
Many seasonal breeders adjust the timing of reproduction in response to year-to-year variations in supplementary environmental cues, amongst which ambient temperature is thought to be most influential. However, it is possible that for species such as the great tit (Parus major L.), phenological cues from sprouting vegetation and the consequent abundance of(More)
Lipids play an important role during pregnancy, and in this period major changes occur in lipoprotein metabolism. During the third trimester plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels are substantially increased, returning to normal after delivery. Described associations between increased morbidity during pregnancy and excessive increases in plasma(More)
PURPOSE Statistical Process Control (SPC) was applied to monitor patient set-up in radiotherapy and, when the measured set-up error values indicated a loss of process stability, its root cause was identified and eliminated to prevent set-up errors. MATERIALS AND METHODS Set up errors were measured for medial-lateral (ml), cranial-caudal (cc) and(More)
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