Carolina P. Leyton

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Muscling in cattle is largely influenced by genetic background, ultimately affecting beef yield and is of major interest to the beef industry. This investigation aimed to determine whether primary skeletal muscle cells isolated from different breeds of cattle with a varying genetic potential for muscling differ in their myogenic proliferative capacity.(More)
Aromatic GLs are important members of the glucosinolate family of compounds because of their potential biological activity and medicinal properties. This study has shown success in the high yielding synthesis of some important aromatic GLs as well as the results of testing for anti-inflammatory properties of the synthetic GLs.(More)
The nitronate and nitrovinyl methods to synthesize indole glucosinolates (GLs) have been investigated. The results were applied to generally the most prevalent natural indole glucosinolates to synthesize 4-methoxyglucobrassicin (MGB) and neo-glucobrassicin (NGB) in moderate overall yield for the first time. The anti-inflammatory activity of the synthetic(More)
BACKGROUND There are legal regulations about sexual and reproductive rights of adolescents. However, this legal framework (LF) may have contradictory elements: there are laws assuring confidentiality and access to contraception at any age but there are other laws that consider any sexual contact with an adolescent younger than 14 a sexual assault, whose(More)
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