Carolina Monte

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In a cohort of 59 consecutive children referred for staring spells, we analysed clinical and electroencephalogram (EEG) characteristics in 23 children with both a history of absence seizures and a generalized spike and wave pattern during long-term video EEG monitoring. In 10 children, a frontal spike preceded the generalized spike and wave pattern. In the(More)
We describe herein the Cortex Method for automated meta-data extraction and the adaptation utilized in the 2010 Text Analysis Conference (TAC) Knowledge-Base Population (KBP) slot-filling tasks, both regular and surprise-round. We delineate the software components utilized and the abstractions put forth by the method used in the evaluation. We describe and(More)
The ictal bradycardia syndrome is an uncommon diagnosis in which bradycardia is accompanied by simultaneous epileptic discharges in the EEG. We describe a patient who was referred to the emergency ward because of syncope. Ictal semeiology and EEG-EG findings are discussed and compared with those published in the literature. Therapeutic options are discussed(More)
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