Carolina I Valdiviezo

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OBJECTIVES The role of iron toward doxorubicin (DOX) cardiotoxicity was studied using a rodent model of dietary carbonyl iron loading. BACKGROUND Doxorubicin, a commonly used anticancer drug, is known to cause serious and potentially life-threatening cardiotoxicity. Doxorubicin cardiotoxicity is thought to be mediated through free-radical injury. (More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Hypertension is the eminent risk factor for renal and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Its management is a topic of public health priority. As either too high or too low blood pressure (BP) levels can have detrimental effects on health, optimal targets for BP continue to be controversial. The current manuscript will review relevant data(More)
Fatty acids (FAs) are essential components of cell membranes and play an integral role in membrane fluidity. The lipophilic index [LI, defined as the sum of the products between FA levels and melting points (°C), divided by the total amount of FA: $${\text{LI}} = \frac{{\mathop \sum \nolimits_{k} [{\text{fatty acid}} \times {\text{melting(More)
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