Carolina Gómez Moya

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Many researchers have shown the importance of water chemistry and benthic habitat characteristics for the conservation of the freshwater macroinvertebrate biodiversity. However, few authors have examined the physical effect of extreme water-level fluctuations in lakes. The present study set out to determine, through a comparative study between a regulated(More)
We present radio frequency transverse susceptibility (TS) measurements on oleic acid-coated and SiO2-coated Fe3-xO4 magnetite nanoparticles. The effects of the type of coating on the interparticle interactions and magnetic anisotropy are evaluated for two different particle sizes in powder samples. On the one hand, SiO2 coating reduces the interparticle(More)
Dielectric continuum models are popular for modeling solvent effects in quantum chemical calculations. The polarizable continuum model (PCM) was originally published exploiting the exact dielectric boundary condition. This is nowadays called DPCM. The conductor-like screening model (COSMO) introduced a simplified and slightly empirical scaled conductor(More)
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