Carolina Bonacic

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This paper proposes a strategy to organize metricspace query processing in multicore search nodes as understood in the context of search engines running on clusters of computers. The strategy is applied in each search node to process all active queries visiting the node as part of their solution which, in general, for each query is computed from the(More)
In this paper we present strategies and experiments that show how to take advantage of the multi-threading parallelism available in Chip Multithreading (CMP) processors in the context of efficient query processing for search engines. We show that scalable performance can be achieved by letting the search engine go synchronous so that batches of queries can(More)
Text search is a classical problem in Computer Science, with many data-intensive applications. For this problem, suffix arrays are among the most widely known and used data structures, enabling fast searches for phrases, terms, substrings and regular expressions in large texts. Potential application domains for these operations include large-scale search(More)
Keywords: Distributed indexing and parallel query processing Information retrieval Web search engines Parallel and distributed computing a b s t r a c t A parallel query processing method is proposed for the design and construction of web search engines to efficiently deal with dynamic variations in query traffic. The method allows for the efficient use of(More)
Large scale data centers for crawlers are able to maintain a very large number of active http connections in order to download as fast as possible the usually huge number of web pages from given sections of the WWW. This generates a continuous stream of new URLs of documents to be downloaded and it is clear that the associated work-load can only be served(More)
We present a distributed index data structure and algorithms devised to support parallel query processing of multimedia content in search engines. We present a comparative study with a number of data structures used as indexes for metric space databases. Our optimization criteria are based on requirements for high-performance search engines. The main(More)
We describe and evaluate the performance of a parallel search engine that is able to cope efficiently with concurrent read/write operations. Read operations come in the usual form of queries submitted to the search engine and write ones come in the form of new documents added to the text collection in an on-line manner, namely the insertions are embedded(More)
With the emergence of multi-core CPU (or Chip-level Multi-Processor-CMP-), it is essential to develop techniques that capitalize on CMP's advantages to speed up very demanding applications of parallel computing such as Web search engines. In particular, for this application and given the huge amount of computational resources deployed at data centers, it is(More)
This paper describes the design of a crawler devised to perform the periodic retrieval of Web documents for a search engine able to accept on-line updates in a concurrent manner. On-line updates comes in the form of insertions of new documents or update of existing ones, all of them mixed with the usual user queries. The search engine is bulk-synchronous(More)