Carolina Arcones

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INTRODUCTION Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) dual infection (DI) in long-term nonprogressor-elite controller patients (LTNP-EC) has been described only in sporadic cases and then, consequences in disease progression are not clearly established. To fill-up this limited knowledge, we analyzed, for the first time, the prevalence, host genetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the causes for the lack of clinical progression in a superinfected HIV-1 LTNP elite controller patient. METHODOLOGY AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We studied host genetic, virological and immunological factors associated with viral control in a SI long term non progressor elite controller (LTNP-EC). The individual contained both viruses and(More)
Molecular methods are increasingly used for both species identification of sandflies and assessment of their population structure. In general, they are based on DNA sequence analysis of targets previously amplified by PCR. However, this approach requires access to DNA sequence facilities, and in some circumstances, it is time-consuming. Though DNA(More)
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