Carolina Arango Lopera

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Two experiments were conducted to characterize blood concentrations of minerals and acid-base status after oral dosing of Ca salts and to determine the effects of oral Ca on mineral and metabolic status and incidence diseases. The hypotheses were that administration of oral Ca as CaCl2 and CaSO4 maintains blood total Ca (tCa) concentrations ≥2.125 mM and(More)
Our objectives were to determine the effects of an injectable formulation of calcitriol on mineral metabolism and immune function in postpartum Holstein cows that received an acidogenic diet prepartum to minimize hypocalcemia. In experiment 1, cows within 6 h of calving received calcitriol (0, 200, or 300 μg) to determine the dose needed to increase plasma(More)
OBJECTIVE Using clustering techniques for characterising companies providing health institutions with maintenance services. METHODS The study analysed seven pilot areas' equipment inventory (264 medical devices). Clustering techniques were applied using 26 variables. Response time (RT), operation duration (OD), availability and turnaround time (TAT) were(More)
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