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Dyslipidemias have been shown to bear a close association with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis in particular. As efforts are being made to find alternative therapies and ways to prevent disease, there is a corresponding rise in public interest in food and/or active food components that contribute to an improved lipid profile(More)
INTRODUCTION The intestinal microbiota has several beneficial functions related to host health. Studies suggest that it may be related to the presence of metabolic diseases, including obesity. OBJECTIVE A bibliographic survey was carried out upon the relationship between the intestinal microbiota and obesity and the possible impacts of the use of(More)
The study sought to analyze the presence of depression, cognitive function, nutritional status and factors associated with malnutrition in the elderly undergoing treatment for cancer. A cross-sectional study was conducted in a cancer clinic in Minas Gerais, which included the application of a sociodemographic and health questionnaire, assessment of(More)
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