Carolina Aiken

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Mineral balance studies were performed in 61 sick preterm infants given parenteral fluids only. Their gestational ages varied from 24 to 35 weeks, and 50 required mechanical ventilation. Two consecutive balance studies were performed; the first from admission to 48 hours in all babies given maintenance fluids of 10% Dextrose, and the second from 48 hours to(More)
The phase II TACTIC trial prospectively selected patients with KRAS wild-type advanced biliary tract cancer for first-line treatment with panitumumab and combination chemotherapy. Of 78 patients screened, 85 % had KRAS wild-type tumours and 48 were enrolled. Participants received cisplatin 25 mg/m2 and gemcitabine 1000 mg/m2 on day 1 and day 8 of each(More)
Twice weekly plasma and urine measurements were made in 24 very low birth weight infants. Intravenous feeding was given whilst infants required respiratory support. Subsequently they received breast milk or formula milk with a vitamin D supplement of 400 U/day. Fourteen babies required intravenous feeding for more than 10 days. Six developed radiological(More)
The belowground mechanisms facilitating invasion and proliferation of non-native plant species into natural communities are of critical importance for understanding plant invasions. Research on allelopathy suggests that some exotic plant species produce compounds via root exudates that may suppress or inhibit the growth of neighboring plants, but the(More)
Twenty-one bacteria were isolated and characterized from air samples collected in Africa and the Caribbean by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Isolates were selected based on preliminary characterization as possible pathogens. Identification of the bacterial isolates was achieved using 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, fatty acid methyl esters(More)
Many students assume that the more caffeine you drink, the better your cognitive performance. Overconsumption of caffeine has many negative effects, so if there are no dose related cognitive benefits to large amounts of caffeine, then college students should limit their intake. This study looked at whether ingesting a medium dose (200 mg) versus a lower(More)
This paper details and evaluates the process used to create an iOS game to motivate children who have had reparative surgery for cleft lip or cleft palate and who are subsequently participating in speech therapy to do their home therapy exercises. Keywords—cleft palate; assistive games; speech therapy I. A NOTE ON CITATION In the interest of completion in(More)
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