Carolin Steinmetz

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Seventy-six patients with meningomyelocele were evaluated for latex sensitivity by medical history and epicutaneous skin testing. Four different latex glove extracts, two nonlatex glove extracts, cornstarch, selected inhalant antigens, and negative and positive controls were used for skin testing. Forty-nine patients (64.5%) were skin test positive to latex(More)
The new transcutaneous bone conduction implant (BCI) Bonebridge (BB, MED-EL) allows the skin to remain intact and therefore overcomes some issues related to percutaneous systems, such as skin reaction around the external screw and cosmetic complaints. According to manufacturer, BB is MRI conditional up to 1,5 Tesla (T). The artefact of the neurocranium(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study we evaluated mammographic, histological and immunohistochemical findings for microcalcification-associated breast cancer with regards to breast-conserving therapy, recurrence and survival rate. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 99 consecutive, non-palpable and microcalcification-associated breast cancers (94(More)
,,Neubildungen der Blase gehi~ren bei Kindern nicht nur zu den klinischen, sondern auch zu den pathologisch-anatomischen Seltenheiten", schreibt Joh. B 6 k a i t) im Gerhardt'sehen Handbaeh und erw~thnt, dass er unter 1397 Spitalseetionen keinen einzigen Fall von Blasentumor verzeiehnet fand und ebensowenig wRhrend der klinischen Beobachtung je in der Lage(More)
Die Appendixperforation durch die vordere Bauchwand ist eine seltene Komplikation eines häufigen Krankheitsbildes. Wir beschreiben den Fall einer 37-jährigen Patientin, die sich mit purulentem Exsudat aus dem rechten Unterbauch in unserer Poliklinik vorstellte. Die Computertomographie des Abdomens zeigte einen perityphlitischen Abszess mit Perforation der(More)
To investigate the incidence of latex IgE-mediated hypersensitivity, 224 hospital employees were interviewed and prick skin tests were performed to six common aeroallergen extracts, one non-latex "synthetic" glove extract, and four different latex glove extracts. Of the 224 subjects, there were 136 nurses, 41 laboratory technicians, 13 dental staff, 11(More)
Perforation of the appendix through the anterior abdominal wall is a rare complication of a frequent disorder. We report on a 37-year old patient presenting with purulent secretion from the right lower abdomen. The CT scan of the abdomen revealed a perityphlitic abscess with perforation of the anterior abdominal wall. The patient underwent laparotomy with(More)
Twelve female age-group swimmers and twelve female controls, aged ten to sixteen, performed a pre-training discontinuous maximal cycle ergometer test to determine the capacities of their anaerobic (alactacid and lactacid) and aerobic energy systems. Heart rate and oxygen uptake were determined during rest, exercise, and recovery. Blood samples were(More)
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