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Recent efforts to increase public awareness of child abuse may result in an increased number of inappropriate reports of suspected child abuse. The authors believe that digital hair strangulation should be included among the conditions that may be confused with child abuse. Digital hair strangulation (toe tourniquet syndrome) occurs primarily in infants and(More)
N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) and cyclic (alkyl)(amino)carbenes (CAACs) are of great interest, as their electronic and steric properties provide a unique class of ligands and organocatalysts. Herein, substitution reactions involving novel carbonyl complexes of rhodium and nickel were studied to provide a deeper understanding of the fundamental electronic(More)
Reactions of [Rh(κ(2) -O,O-acac)(PMe3 )2 ] (acac=acetylacetonato) and α,ω-bis(arylbutadiynyl)alkanes afford two isomeric types of MC4 metallacycles with very different photophysical properties. As a result of a [2+2] reductive coupling at Rh, 2,5-bis(arylethynyl)rhodacyclopentadienes (A) are formed, which display intense fluorescence (Φ=0.07-0.54, τ=0.2-2.5(More)
Methods: Ten male Sprague Dawley rats (body weight: ~ 450 g) were randomly assigned in two groups. The sham control group (Sham) underwent mechanical ventilation and cannulation without CPB. The experimental group (CPB) underwent cardiopulmonary bypass for one hour followed by a 90 minute recovery period. CPB was performed using a modified technique based(More)
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