Carolin Scholl

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Surgery on the lateral skull base puts delicate structures at risk. To support the surgeon in identifying and protecting the risk structures the principle of Navigated Control (NC) can be used for preventing iatrogenic injuries. In this paper the application of Navigated Control for surgery on the lateral skull base was investigated for the first time in(More)
Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a relatively novel form of exercise used to improve neuromuscular performance in healthy individuals. Its usefulness as a therapy for patients with neurological disorders, in particular spinal cord injury (SCI), has received little attention in clinical settings and, surprisingly, even less in animal SCI models. We performed(More)
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (hemoglobin 5.2 g, reticulocyte count 31.0 per cent) developed in a 53-year-old hypertensive woman who was taking Aldomet. Both the patient's serum and the eluate prepared from her red blood cells contained an antibody with anti-Jka specificity. Rapid sustained improvement in the anemia occurred after cessation of Aldomet and a(More)
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