Carolin Kreisbeck

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This paper deals with variational principles on thin films with linear PDE constraints represented by a constant-rank operator A, and studies the effective behavior, in the sense of Γ-convergence, of integral functionals as the thickness of the domain tends to zero. The limit integral functional turns out to be determined by the A-quasiconvex envelope of(More)
The asymptotic behavior of the micromagnetic free energy governing a ferromagnetic film is studied as its thickness gets smaller and smaller compared to its cross section. Here the static Maxwell equations are treated as a Murat’s constant rank PDE constraint on the energy functional. In contrast to previous work this approach allows to keep track of the(More)
We determine the effective behavior of a class of composites in finite-strain crystal plasticity, based on a variational model for materials made of fine parallel layers of two types. While one component is completely rigid in the sense that it admits only local rotations, the other one is softer featuring a single active slip system with linear(More)
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