Carolin I. Bauer

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Previous experiments have revealed a relatively weak electrostatic binding capacity of in vitro reconstituted intermediate filaments (IFs) as well as of natural IFs of whole cell mount preparations for purified ribosomal particles of mammalian origin. In order to demonstrate that such associations also occur in vivo, intact cells were subjected to double(More)
Cytoplasmic intermediate filaments (cIFs) should be capable of loosely interacting with negatively charged, macromolecular assemblies, given that the net positive charge of the N-terminal head domains exposed on the surface of the cIFs is not fully neutralized by the neighboring C-terminal tail domains and the filament body proper. In order to substantiate(More)
Soft tissue calcification occurs in several common acquired pathologies, such as diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, or can result from genetic disorders. ABCC6, a transmembrane transporter primarily expressed in liver and kidneys, initiates a molecular pathway inhibiting ectopic calcification. ABCC6 facilitates the cellular efflux of ATP, which is rapidly(More)
Distinct differences of proteins in the plasma membranes have been described in psoriatic keratinocytes as compared with normal epidermis. These changes are presumably involved in the pathogenesis of psoriasis. To identify and distinguish glycosylated proteins of the plasma membranes of keratinocytes, a method for mild preparation was developed that avoids(More)
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