Carole Marion

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We measured the relationships between choice stimulus modalities and three basic discriminations (visual, visual matching-to-sample, and auditory-visual) using the Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities test. Participants were 9 adults who had moderate to profound developmental disabilities. Their most and least preferred leisure activities, identified by(More)
This study examined the relationship between performance on the Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities test (ABLA), two auditory matching tasks, and a test of echoics, tacts, and mands with persons with developmental disabilities. It was found that discrimination skill (visual, auditory-visual, and auditory-auditory discriminations) was a better predictor(More)
We examined a procedure consisting of a preference assessment, prompting, contrived conditioned establishing operations, and consequences for correct and incorrect responses for teaching children with autism to mand "which?" We used a modified multiple baseline design across 3 participants. All the children learned to mand "which?" Generalization occurred(More)
Quasielastic laser light scattering measurements have been made on chromatin oligomers to obtain information on the transition in their electrooptical properties, previously observed for the hexameric structures [Marion, C. and Roux, B. (1978) Nucleic Acids Res. 5, 4431-4449]. Translational diffusion coefficients were determined for mononucleosomes to(More)
  • Canada B Labrador, Shankar, I Antonenko, G R Osinski, M M Mader, L Preston +10 others
  • 2011
Introduction: A Canadian Space Agency (CSA) funded lunar analogue mission has provided an opportunity to perform science in a simulated robotic precursor mission at the Mistastin Lake impact structure (55°53'N; 63°18'W) in Labrador, Canada (see [1] for overview). The Mistastin Lake impact structure is an exceptional lunar analogue. Excellent exposure(More)
  • I Antonenko, G R Osinski, M Battler, M Beauchamp, L Cupelli, A Chanou +26 others
  • 2013
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs Issues of geologically-focused situational awareness in robotic planetary missions: lessons from an analogue mission at Mistastin Lake impact structure, Labrador, Canada Journal Article (2012). Issues of geologically-focused situational awareness in robotic planetary(More)
  • H Coo, H Ouellette-Kuntz, Yu, C T Dewey, D Bernier, F P Chudley +24 others
  • 2013
Students/trainees are underlined. (2012). Factors associated with the age at which children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in six regions of Canada. (2012). Teaching university students to implement the Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities using computer-aided personalized system of instruction. (2012). Evaluation of a self-instructional(More)
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