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The Anthropocene: From Global Change to Planetary Stewardship
The Anthropocene is a reminder that the Holocene, during which complex human societies have developed, has been a stable, accommodating environment and is the only state of the Earth System that we know for sure can support contemporary society. Expand
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Historical ecology : cultural knowledge and changing landscapes
Historical ecology - a multidimensional ecological orientation, Carole L. Crumley concepts in historical ecology - the view from evolutionary theory, Bruce P. Winterhalder tracking & testing theExpand
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Reconceptualizing the 'Anthropos' in the Anthropocene: Integrating the social sciences and humanities in global environmental change research
There is growing recognition that humans are faced with a critical and narrowing window of opportunity to halt or reverse some of the key indicators involved in the environmental crisis. Given humanExpand
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A conceptual template for integrative human–environment research
We propose a conceptual template that can be used to catalyse the integration of concepts from a range of disciplines in environmental and natural-resource research. Expand
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Heterarchy and the Analysis of Complex Societies
Archeologists' dissatisfaction with Service's band-tribe-chiefdom-state model of sociocultural complexity has resulted in the epistemological reexamination of hierarchy, the exploration ofExpand
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Planetary Stewardship in an Urbanizing World: Beyond City Limits
Cities are rapidly increasing in importance as a major factor shaping the Earth system, and therefore, must take corresponding responsibility. With currently over half the world’s population, citiesExpand
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Bio-cultural refugia—Safeguarding diversity of practices for food security and biodiversity
Food security for a growing world population is high on the list of grand sustainability challenges, as is reducing the pace of biodiversity loss in landscapes of food production. Here we shed newExpand
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Sustainability or Collapse: What Can We Learn from Integrating the History of Humans and the Rest of Nature?
Abstract Understanding the history of how humans have interacted with the rest of nature can help clarify the options for managing our increasingly interconnected global system. Simple, deterministicExpand
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Toward An Integrated History to Guide the Future
Many contemporary societal challenges manifest themselves in the domain of human-environment interactions. There is a growing recognition that responses to these challenges formulated within currentExpand
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