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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of age and feedback on submaximal isometric force control abilities in the knee extensors. DESIGN Analysis of a force control task in a quasi-experimental design. BACKGROUND The ability to control submaximal strength is important to accomplish activities of daily living. The purpose of this study was to investigate(More)
BACKGROUND L-glutamine (GLN) may have an ergogenic effect during exercise considering its base generating potential. We attempted to determine whether GLN ingestion influences acid-base balance and improves high intensity exercise performance. METHOD Ten trained males performed five exercise bouts on a cycle ergometer at 100% of VO2 peak. The first four(More)
The majority of the research to date on weightlifting has focused on men competitors. This study attempted to bridge the sex-based gap evident in the scientific literature. The performances of 10 women weightlifters competing in the 1999 United States national championships were analyzed. The performance of the athletes competing in the 69-kg class was(More)
The purpose of this experiment was to examine the effects of an incline during distance running on selected metabolic and biomechanical variables. Six (4 males, 2 females) trained distance runners (age 27.2 +/- 7.8 yr; VO2max 63.7 +/- 7.5 mL x kg-1 x min-1) performed three 35-min runs at speeds corresponding to each individual's anaerobic threshold. The(More)
Twenty-four collegiate distance runners and 20 power athletes (sprinters and jumpers) of various success levels were tested on a number of physiological and psychological parameters. Multiple regression analysis indicated that physiological factors could explain over 81% of the variance related to successful distance running while physiological and(More)
Sixteen sound Labrador retriever and Labrador retriever cross-breed adult dogs were evaluated for symmetry while in a trot gait using a two-dimensional motion analysis system. Reflective markers were placed at selected joint centers. Each dog had the right side and then the left side videotaped while in the trot gait. The markers on the videotape were then(More)
The authors' retrospective survey assessed the incidence and causes of sport- and exercise-related injuries in college students participating in intramural, recreational, and club sports. For their survey, they examined clinical screening forms and medical charts of 300 students (160 men and 140 women) to determine the type of injury, the body part(More)
OBJECTIVE Properly fitting shoes are important in the prevention of injuries. When it involves the lower extremity and pronation, proper fitting of shoes is considered as a treatment for gender variations in shoe fit and excessive pronators. The purpose of the study therefore, is to compare static and dynamic foot tracings in excessive pronators to(More)
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