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It is unclear the extent to which neurodevelopmental differences observed in reading disabled individuals are limited to traditional language processing areas. Some have suggested atypical processing of complex spatial problems in these individuals. Hitherto, research on this question has been limited to behavioral studies, yielding mixed results. Absence(More)
Knowledge of one's own HIV status is essential for long-term disease management, but there are few data on how disclosure of HIV status to infected children and adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa is associated with clinical and psychosocial health outcomes. We conducted a detailed baseline assessment of the disclosure status, medication adherence, HIV(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to better understand how social factors shape HIV disclosure to children from the perspective of caregivers and HIV-infected children in Kenya. DESIGN We conducted a qualitative study using focus group discussions (FGDs) to gain perspectives of caregivers and children on the social environment for HIV disclosure to children in western(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an epidemiological database of morbidity in the community as presented to general practitioners and to support epidemiological research in general practice. DESIGN The project is a sentinel network of 23 general practices in Northern Ireland that report the incidence of a list of selected diseases to a central unit for analysis. (More)
Stigma shapes all aspects of HIV prevention and treatment, yet there are limited data on how HIV-infected youth and their families are affected by stigma in sub-Saharan Africa. The authors conducted a qualitative study using focus group discussions among 39 HIV-infected adolescents receiving care at HIV clinics in western Kenya and 53 caregivers of(More)
INTRODUCTION HIV-related stigma impacts the quality of life and care management of HIV-infected and HIV-affected individuals, but how we measure stigma and its impact on children and adolescents has less often been described. METHODS We conducted a systematic review of studies that measured HIV-related stigma with a quantitative tool in paediatric(More)
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