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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with numerous conditions including hypo-secretion of digestive enzymes. This study investigated the morphology, secretory function (α-amylase release) and acyl lipid contents in the isolated parotid gland of STZ-induced diabetic and age-matched control rats in order to provide insights into diabetes-induced salivary(More)
The effects of culture conditions on acyl lipid metabolism in the oleaginous yeastRhodotorula gracilis (CBS 3043) have been investigated. Growth ofR. gracilis under conditions of nitrogen-limitation resulted in the accumulation of large quantities of triacylglycerols. Thin layer and gas chromatographic analysis of total lipid extracts revealed that the(More)
Algae are a common component of freshwater ecosystems. The presence and abundance of these organisms has often been used as an indicator of water quality. In addition, algae such as Enteromorpha are able to accumulate pollutants, and have been used to monitor toxic trace metal pollution in aquatic environments [l]. In marine algae, heavy metal pollution has(More)
Xerostomia (oral dryness sensation) is due to dryness of the oral cavity and it is more prevalent in the elderly. This study investigated the effect of ageing on parotid gland structure and function of control (2–6 months) and aged (12, 16–18 and 22–24 months) rats employing light microscopic, colorimetric, gas chromatographic and microspectrofluorimetric(More)
The effects of C16 and C18 fatty acids on the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine were studied in Apium graveolens cell suspension cultures and postmitochondrial supernatants. When cells were exposed to exogenous oleic acid, the rate of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis increased 1.4-fold within 5 min of the addition of the fatty acid to the culture medium. The(More)
Investigation of yeast neutral lipid accumulation is important for biotechnology and also for modelling aberrant lipid metabolism in human disease. The Nile red (NR) method has been extensively utilised to determine lipid phenotypes of yeast cells via microscopic means. NR assays have been used to differentiate lipid accumulation and relative amounts of(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Strains during stance on the hoof wall surface have been measured by a number of authors in vitro and in vivo. Histological structure and mechanical properties vary through the wall thickness (radially); radial strain measurements may therefore aid the understanding of mechanical function of the capsule and adjacent tissues. (More)
The effect of the cyclopropene fatty acid, sterculic acid, on fatty acid metabolism in the oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula gracilis (CBS 3043) has been studied. Sterculate caused approximately 90% inhibition of [1-14C]sterate desaturation but only about 25% inhibition when [1-14C]acetate was used as precursor. Measurement of acyl-coenzyme A (CoA) pool(More)