Carole D. Johnson

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The multichannel analysis of surface waves ͑MASW͒ seismic method was used to delineate a fault zone and gently dipping sedimentary bedrock at a site overlain by several meters of regolith. Seismic data were collected rapidly and inexpensively using a towed 30-channel land streamer and a rubberband-accelerated weight-drop seismic source. Data processed using(More)
A limited seismic investigation of Ball Mountain Dam, an earthen dam near Jamaica, Vermont, was conducted using multiple seismic methods including multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW), refraction tomography, and vertical seismic profiling (VSP). The refraction and MASW data were efficiently collected in one survey using a towed land streamer(More)
London A distilation of the learning from the work of the Childhood Obesity NST over the past 3 years, the document aims to share intelligence, highlight good practice and support the future strategic direction of local areas in tackling childhood obesity. Local areas could use this approach when analysing whether a population level improvements could be(More)
A new computer program, FLASH (Flow-Log Analysis of Single Holes), is presented for the analysis of borehole vertical flow logs. The code is based on an analytical solution for steady-state multilayer radial flow to a borehole. The code includes options for (1) discrete fractures and (2) multilayer aquifers. Given vertical flow profiles collected under both(More)
for all of their extraordinary efforts and for the high quality of research assistance that they provided. ABSTRACT ... Consequently, whether one contemplates future automated transactions as between two electronic devices or between one electronic device and a human individual or corporation, it is difficult to conceive of any such transaction as achieving(More)
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The format and certain sections of this report are adapted from two previous reports to the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources by the author and two co-authors, Daniel Hagen and James Vincent: " Economic Benefits of Reducing Toxic Air Pollution: A Minnesota Study " (1992) and " Economic Benefits of Reducing Mercury Deposition in Minnesota "(More)