Carole D. Johnson

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The multichannel analysis of surface waves ͑MASW͒ seismic method was used to delineate a fault zone and gently dipping sedimentary bedrock at a site overlain by several meters of regolith. Seismic data were collected rapidly and inexpensively using a towed 30-channel land streamer and a rubberband-accelerated weight-drop seismic source. Data processed using(More)
  • A. Hassenein, A. Bernadon, +37 authors A. Zeller
  • 2001
The need for intense muon beams for muon colliders and for neutrino factories based on muon storage rings leads to a concept of 1-4 MW proton beams incident on a moving target that is inside a 20-T solenoid magnet, with a mercury jet as a preferred example. Novel technical issues for such a system include disruption of the mercury jet by the proton beam and(More)
A limited seismic investigation of Ball Mountain Dam, an earthen dam near Jamaica, Vermont, was conducted using multiple seismic methods including multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW), refraction tomography, and vertical seismic profiling (VSP). The refraction and MASW data were efficiently collected in one survey using a towed land streamer(More)
This review examines the appropriate timing of intervention in acute pancreatitis. In gallstone pancreatitis, it is now clear that cholecystectomy during the primary admission carries no greater risk of complications than delayed cholecystectomy and enables earlier recovery to normal activity. This course of action pre-empts a second, possibly fatal attack(More)
  • William, Culpeper, +9 authors Mark D. Meyers
  • 2008
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A new computer program, FLASH (Flow-Log Analysis of Single Holes), is presented for the analysis of borehole vertical flow logs. The code is based on an analytical solution for steady-state multilayer radial flow to a borehole. The code includes options for (1) discrete fractures and (2) multilayer aquifers. Given vertical flow profiles collected under both(More)
An integrated suite of geophysical methods was used to characterize the hydrogeology of a fractured-rock aquifer to identify contamination or pathways for contaminant migration near a former landfill at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut. Surface-geophysical methods were used to identify the dominant direction of fracture orientation and to(More)