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Proper gonadal function requires coordinated (feedback) interactions between the gonads, adenohypophysis, and brain: the gonads elaborate sex steroids (progestins, androgens, and estrogens) and proteins (inhibin-activin family) during gamete development. In both sexes, the brain-pituitary gonadotrophin-regulating interaction is coordinated by estradiol(More)
Immunological detection of secreted low molecular weight toxins represents a potentially novel means of diagnosing infection by the fungus Aspergillus fumigatus. Two such metabolites, gliotoxin and helvolic acid, were selected and conjugated to thyroglobulin for antisera generation in rabbits. Gliotoxin was initially activated using N-[p-maleimidophenyl](More)
The article by Kehusmaa et al. (1), entitled " Economic evaluation of a geriatric rehabilitation programme: a randomized controlled trial " , explores an important area of health services research. As more effective healthcare interventions become available, comparative effectiveness research and cost-benefit analyses will be vital in determining healthcare(More)
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