Carole Aubert

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The recognition of animal cries and their onomatopoeias was compared during the course of right or left unilateral cortical lesions. A double dissociation is noted; in left-sided affections there is a more severe deficiency to onomatopoeia than to cries, whereas in right-sided lesions the quality of the performances is reversed. These results suggest that(More)
Some chronic diseases--like renal failure, liver insufficiency, chronic lung disease, cardiac involvement, diabetes mellitus, asplenia--present limited defects of the immune system and/or a higher risk of infection; therefore, patients with such pathologies should get selective vaccinations. The efficacy of immunization decreases with disease progression;(More)
The Dideco Vivacell separator is a continuous-flow centrifugation system that has only recently been used for cytapheresis. The authors' experience with this separator in 451 plateletpheresis and 164 leukapheresis procedures is presented. Platelet collection provided high platelet yields (9.53 +/- 2.85 X 10(11) with a collection efficiency of 74 +/- 14(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies reported an increase of mean platelet volume (MPV) in patients with acute ischemic stroke. However, its correlation with stroke severity has not been investigated. Moreover, studies on the association of MPV with functional outcome yielded inconsistent results. METHODS We included all consecutive ischemic stroke patients(More)
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