Carole A Lasham

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Infantile juvenile polyposis is a rare disease with severe gastrointestinal symptoms and a grave clinical course. Recently, 10q23 microdeletions involving the PTEN and BMPR1A genes were found in four patients with infantile juvenile polyposis. It was hypothesized that a combined and synergistic effect of the deletion of both genes would explain the(More)
The short- and long-term psychological consequences of a single episode of alcohol intoxication in adolescents are unknown. Twenty-four adolescents (12 M, 12 F), mean age 18.3 ± 1.1 years, who had been admitted to the pediatric ward with alcohol intoxication (mean age at admission 15.6 ± 1.1) and thirty-two parents were interviewed on the intoxication(More)
BACKGROUND Even mild iron deficiency and anaemia in infancy may be associated with cognitive deficits. A delay in clamping the cord improves haematocrit levels and results in greater vascular stability and less need for packed cell transfusions for anaemia in the first period after birth. Follow-up data on haemoglobin levels after the neonatal period were(More)
OBJECTIVE Moderately preterm children (gestational age 32-36+6 weeks) are at risk of cognitive and behaviour problems at school age. The aim of this study was to investigate if these problems are already present at the age of 2 years. STUDY DESIGN Developmental outcome was assessed at 24-months (corrected age) with the Bayley-III-NL in 116 moderately(More)
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