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A comparison of rail liberalisation levels across four European countries
This paper presents the results of a research into railway regulation and liberalisation in Italy, France, Germany and Spain. The analysis covers the relationship between the State and the railExpand
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An integrated indicator framework for spatial assessment of industrial and social vulnerability to indirect disaster losses
The focus of this study is on multi-dimensional vulnerability of regions to indirect disaster losses. An integrated indicator framework has been developed which captures the multi-layeredExpand
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Women's and Men's Role in Passenger Transport. Employment and Mobility Patterns
Insight into the role of gender in the field of passenger transportation is presented in this study. There is detailed analysis of the direct and indirect paid working hours needed by both men andExpand
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Identification of critical transport infrastructures
Since 1990 the annual number of extreme weather and climate related events has doubled in comparison to the previous decade. These events account for about 80% of all economic losses caused byExpand
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Daily life during the Holocaust
The Holocaust was a complex and horrifying experience that affected millions of people in Europe. The nearly 13 years of Nazi rule had an enormous influence on the day-to-day existence of people inExpand
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Gender’s Role in Passenger Transport Employment and Mobility Patterns
The presented study provides insight into gender’s role in the field of passenger transport. Women’s and men’s direct and indirect paid working hours necessary to satisfy final demand for passengerExpand
The Identification of Critical Road Infrastructures - The Case of Baden-Wuerttemberg
Modern societies highly depend on well-functioning infrastructures, especially in the Energy, Transport, Water and Telecommunication sectors. The protection of critical infrastructure (CI) againstExpand
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