Carola M Borrmann

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Among sarcomeric muscles the cardiac muscle cells are unique by, inter alia, a systemic and extended cell-cell contact structure, the intercalated disk (ID), comprising frequent and closely spaced(More)
Using immunofluorescence histochemistry and immunoelectron microscopy on sections through myocardiac tissues of diverse mammalian (human, cow, rat, mouse) and fish species we show that both(More)
Postnatal development of mammalian cardiomyocytes in the working myocardium is characterized by a near-complete translocation of both kinds of adhering junctions (AJs), i.e. desmosomes and fasciae(More)
For cell and molecular biological studies of heart formation and function cell cultures of embryonal, neonatal or adult hearts of various vertebrates, notably rat and chicken, have been widely used.(More)
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