Carola M. Barth

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Nijmegen breakage syndrome (NBS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by spontaneous chromosomal instability with predisposition to immunodeficiency and cancer. In order to assess the cellular basis of the compromised immune response of NBS patients, the distribution of functionally distinct lymphocyte subsets in peripheral blood was(More)
Increasing medical complexity, centrifugal forces of medical subspecialization and growing economic constraints are the key reasons for the introduction of quality management into routine care processes such as dialysis. Adequate quality assurance and improvement must be implemented in order to supply medical staff, care providers, and patients with the(More)
The study was undertaken to evaluate the relationship between non-responsiveness to hepatitis B (HBV) vaccination in haemodialysed patients and HBs antigen (Ag) presentation and recognition depending on TCR/CD3 receptors expression. We have found that the cause of the blunted response to HBV vaccination is multifactorial and seems to be associated with the(More)
Plasma and ultrafiltrate beta-2-microglobulin (B2M) concentrations were determined during hemofiltration (HF) and hemodialysis (HD) in order to evaluate elimination kinetics of B2M. Calculations were done on the basis of plasma-water-concentrations (PWC). Elimination of B2M during HF follows first order kinetics (r = 0.97) and the volume of B2M distribution(More)
Calcium channel-blocking agents interfere with the initial increase of cytosolic calcium that follows mitogenic stimulation of T lymphocytes. In cultures of mitogen-stimulated PBMC, verapamil also blocked T cell accumulation of cytoplasmic IL-2-encoding mRNA. In sharp contrast, the addition of verapamil to PHA and PMA-stimulated PBMC augmented the(More)
The glucocorticoids (GCs) dexamethasone (DEX) and prednisolone (PRED), in a concentration-dependent fashion, profoundly inhibit mitogen-induced proliferation of human peripheral blood mononuclear lymphocytes (PBML). This inhibition was specific for GCs, as non-GC steroids were devoid of any antiproliferative capacity. GCs enhanced the mRNA (Northern blot)(More)
Based on recent affect!cognition theories (Bless et al., 1996; Fiedler, 2001; Sinclair, 1988), the present study predicted and showed a differentiated influence of nice and nasty environments on complex problem solving (CPS). Environments were constructed by manipulating the target value ‘‘capital’’ of a complex scenario: Participants in the nice(More)
The use of a restricted TCR repertoire has been reported in antigen-stimulated T cells. We have examined by flow cytometry and polymerase chain reaction the changes in the TCR variable beta (V beta) repertoire as they occur in the mixed leukocyte reaction. The HLA class I-negative lymphoblastoid B cell line, Daudi, an HLA class I-positive variant of the(More)
Early diagnosis of rejection is a pivotal problem in renal transplantation. Recent advances in urinary cell analysis using flow cytometry are still burdened with difficulties concerning urine lymphocyte (UL) isolation. The analysis of lymphocytes washed out with the urine from the kidney transplant offers a tool to monitor noninvasively the intragraft(More)