Carola Lenz

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Enlargement of the pi-electronic system of the non-aromatic D3 agonist FAUC 73 led to dopaminergic endiynes of type 1 being synthesized via the bromovinyl triflate 7a as a key intermediate when palladium catalyzed coupling reactions were exploited for the introduction of the (aza)alkyne substituents. As the first neuroreceptor active endiyne, FAUC 88 (1c)(More)
Structural variations of the lead compound FAUC 88 led to dopaminergic enynes with an extended pi-system when Pd-catalyzed cross coupling reactions were employed for the key reaction steps. The dienyne 9b displayed substantial affinity for the dopamine receptor subtype D3 and remarkable selectivity over D4. Compared to FAUC 88, the novel fancy bioisostere(More)
Employing the nonaromatic D3 agonist FAUC 73 as a lead compound, the dopaminergic enynes 1a,b and the diene 2 (FAUC 206) were synthesized via palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling. FAUC 206 showed remarkable D3 affinity and enhanced selectivity over D4 when compared to the lead compound. To learn more about the bioactive structure of the diene moiety,(More)
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