Carola Imfeld

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This paper presents the Spatially Explicit Hydrologic Response (SEHR) model developed at the Laboratory of Ecohydrology of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne for the simulation of hydrological processes at the catchment scale. The key concept of the model is the formulation of water transport by geomorphologic travel time distributions through(More)
The use of resin composite materials to restore the complete occlusion of worn teeth is controversial and data are scarce. In this case series, the authors report on seven cases of progressive mixed erosive/abrasive worn dentition (85 posterior teeth) that have been reconstructed with direct resin composite restorations. In all patients, either one or both(More)
In the following case series, we report on six cases of erosive worn dentitions (75 posterior teeth), which have been reconstructed using a template-based technique with direct composite resin restorations and already examined after 3 years in service. In all patients either one or both tooth arches were completely restored using direct resin composite(More)
Standardized dental examinations of schoolchildren were regularly carried out since 1964 in 16 rural communities of the Canton of Zurich. In 1964, there were no 14-year-old schoolchildren free from caries; in the Nineties about half of the 14-year-olds had a caries-free permanent dentition (DMFT = 0). From the year 1992 to 2000, the caries prevalence (DMFT)(More)
The use of cannabis by adolescents in Switzerland has almost doubled in the past decade. Empirical observations in private dental practices indicate that cannabis users have more carious lesions than those who do not use cannabis. The aim of this study was to investigate the hypothesis that regular cannabis use increases the risk of caries because of(More)
Patients suffering from eating disorders exhibit oral symptoms indicative to the otherwise concealed illness. The most striking features are the intrinsic erosions due to the regular surreptitious vomiting. They occur in very typical locations within the dental arches and have been termed "perimolysis". Dental professionals are often the first to discover(More)
Short intervals between bitewing examinations favor the timely detection of lesions on approximal surfaces. Long intervals reduce the exposure to radiation. Thus, the question arises which intervals between bite-wing examinations are appropriate. The length of intervals between bitewing examinations should be adapted to the caries risk on approximal(More)
In 1992 and 1999, dental health in 20- to 79-year-old adults from the canton of Zurich was assessed with a standardized method (WHO). The aim was to establish the current state and changes of dental health. Roughly half of the 852 approached adults selected by chance did take part. In 1992 and 1999, the mean number of unfilled, decayed teeth (DT) was on a(More)
The term erosion describes tooth wear caused by acids. Erosions can be a consequence of medical problems like gastroesophageal reflux disease or eating disorders which lead to a regular contact of gastric acid with teeth. These, so called intrinsic erosions occur in such typical locations within the dental arches that even in the absence of other symptoms(More)
Adolescent, predominantly female patients suffering from eating disorders usually reveal characteristic personality traits which should be taken into account during the treatment of such cases. Some patients deny their illness, others again feel ashamed of it. At any rate, we ought to respect the patients' integrity and their sense of self-worth. Such(More)
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