Carol Xiu-Qing Chen

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During brain development, GABA and glycine switch from being depolarizing to being hyperpolarizing neurotransmitters. This conversion results from a gradual decrease in the chloride electrochemical equilibrium potential (ECl) of developing neurons, which correlates to an increase in the expression or activity of the potassium chloride cotransporter, KCC2.(More)
Leonurine, a plant alkaloid present in Chinese motherwort, induced concentration- dependent and endothelium-independent relaxation of phenylephrine (PE)- pretreated rat aortic arterial rings. The IC50 values for leonurine were 86.4+/-10.4 and 85.9+/-17.2 microM in the presence and absence of endothelium respectively. It inhibited the responses of aortic(More)
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