Carol Whisnant

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The purpose of the study reported here was to identify, by size, a set of microsatellite markers for use in diagnostic genetic monitoring of FVB/N mouse colonies. A large panel of microsatellite markers were chosen on the basis oftheir high degree of allelic variability. These markers were then tested for their ability to amplify well under a standard set(More)
Differences in immunological response among vaccine recipients are determined both by their genetic differences and environmental factors. Knowledge of genetic determinants of immunological response to a vaccine can be used to design a vaccine that circumvents immunogenetic restrictions. The currently available vaccine for typhoid is a pure polysaccharide(More)
The binding of neoplastic targets and the secretion of a potent cytolytic protease (CF) by BCG-activated macrophages have previously been shown to be independent functions, both of which are necessary for completion of macrophage-mediated cytolysis. The present studies demonstrate that secretion of CF is triggered by the binding of neoplastic targets to(More)
Cholera is endemic to many countries. Recent major outbreaks of cholera have prompted World Health Organization to recommend oral cholera vaccination as a public-health strategy. Variation in percentage of seroconversion upon cholera vaccination has been recorded across populations. Vaccine-induced responses are influenced by host genetic differences. We(More)
The binding of tumor cells by activated macrophages is an initial and necessary event in the cytolysis of these targets. The data here indicate that membrane preparations from RL sigma 1 leukemia targets, EL-4 lymphoma targets, and P815 mastocytoma targets each inhibited binding of its homologous target to bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)-activated murine(More)
Vi polysaccharide from Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi is used as one of the available vaccines to prevent typhoid fever. Measurement of Vi-specific serum antibodies after vaccination with Vi polysaccharide by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) may be complicated due to poor binding of the Vi polysaccharide to ELISA plates resulting in poor(More)
H-2 antigens from EL4 (H-2b) and RLmale 1 (H-2d) leukemias were solubilized with deoxycholate and partially purified based on their adherence to a Lens culinaris hemagglutinin column. In double reciprocal experiments we have shown that these preparations specifically inhibit conjugate formation between target cells and alloimmune peritoneal lymphocytes, a(More)
Host response to vaccination has historically been evaluated based on a change in antibody titer that compares the post-vaccination titer to the pre-vaccination titer. A four-fold or greater increase in antigen-specific antibody has been interpreted to indicate an increase in antibody production in response to vaccination. New technologies, such as the(More)
The effects of N-1-oxyl-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinyl)maleimide(SLM) on the pellet height response and ATPase activity of glycerinated Triton X-100 extracted cilia of Tetrahymena pyriformis have been studied. Preincubation of cilia with SLM caused complete inhibition of the pellet height response and an initial increase in ATPase activity followed upon(More)