Carol Vandenakker

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We tested the hypothesis that running down an incline, during which muscles primarily perform eccentric contractions, causes greater delayed-onset muscle soreness and greater increases in plasma enzyme activities than does running on the level, during which muscles perform similar amounts of concentric and eccentric contractions. Subjective sensations of(More)
Aging involves change and adaptation to change. The normal or usual changes of aging often have significantly greater impact on an individual whose disability has limited his or her physical or socioeconomic reserves. The aging process itself may be accelerated by overuse and compensatory mechanisms. The changes of aging have unique features in damaged body(More)
We studied the distribution of blood flow within and among muscles of partially curarized (40-100 micrograms/kg body wt) rats during preexercise and at 1 min of low-speed treadmill exercise (15 m/min). Glycogen loss in the deep red muscles and parts of muscles was significantly reduced in the curarized animals during exercise, indicating the fibers in these(More)
A 55-year-old woman with a history of polio at the age of 2 years presents with complaints of increasing fatigue and pain in her legs with moderate activity, including performing general household tasks and ambulating distances greater than a few city blocks. She reports that she had residual weakness in her legs that limited her participation in school(More)
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