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Extensive development in universitiesÕ provision of computer facilities may have negative consequences for students prone to computer avoidance. In the present study, undergraduates (N = 363) completed self-report measures on computer phobia and self-efficacy. Results demonstrate that many students follow previous trends by continuing to report levels of(More)
We have demonstrated the feasibility of detecting and quantifying six cell-cycle-related nuclear markers (Ki67, pRb, p27, phospho-p27 (phosphorylated p27), phospho-pRb (phosphorylated pRb), phospho-HH3 (phosphorylated histone H3)) in plucked human scalp and eyebrow hair. Estimates of the proportion of plucked hairs that are lost or damaged during processing(More)
Two consecutive nosocomial outbreaks of parainfluenza 3, in which 5 of 15 infected patients died, occurred in an adult bone marrow transplant unit. Parainfluenza 3 strain variation was assessed by reverse transcription-PCR sequencing of part of the parainfluenza 3 F gene, including the noncoding region, directly from clinical samples. Sequence data from the(More)
During the first year of enhanced MERS coronavirus surveillance in England, 77 persons traveling from the Middle East had acute respiratory illness and were tested for the virus. Infection was confirmed in 2 travelers with acute respiratory distress syndrome and 2 of their contacts. Patients with less severe manifestations tested negative.
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