Carol Sadler

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Faculty practice and health promotion are topics of interest to nursing faculty to prepare students and themselves for the future. Health promotion with vulnerable populations is a focus for the 21st century health care delivery system. Faculty practice emphasizing health promotion with a vulnerable population meets the needs of faculty as they strive to(More)
Extensive development in universitiesÕ provision of computer facilities may have negative consequences for students prone to computer avoidance. In the present study, undergraduates (N = 363) completed self-report measures on computer phobia and self-efficacy. Results demonstrate that many students follow previous trends by continuing to report levels of(More)
During the first year of enhanced MERS coronavirus surveillance in England, 77 persons traveling from the Middle East had acute respiratory illness and were tested for the virus. Infection was confirmed in 2 travelers with acute respiratory distress syndrome and 2 of their contacts. Patients with less severe manifestations tested negative.
Osteoporosis is a condition that presents differing predisposing factors between European American Women and African American Women. Preventative health is commonly focused on European women because they are at higher risk. This article presents issues and facts that substantiate the need to also target African American women for osteoporosis prevention(More)
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