Carol S. Bond

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The ability to use the Internet is an essential skill for nursing students, both to support their studies, especially as nursing students spend a lot of their time in placements away from the university campus, and to support their development of skills in using what is becoming an increasingly essential tool for professionals. A study at Bournemouth(More)
Nursing informatics, the use of information and technology, to support the work of the nurse, is an essential part of the modern nurses' job. In the UK this is supported by a range of National Health Service policy documents over the past decade, starting with Information for Health in 1998. Research carried out over this period has however found that(More)
A study into student nurses' ability to use the Internet was published in Nurse Education Today in 2004. This paper repeats the research with a cohort of students starting their pre-registration programme in a UK university in 2007. In 2004 students were reported as having poor Internet skills, and as not being frequent users of the Internet. In this study(More)
Nurses need to be able to use information and communications technology not only to support their own practice, but also to help their patients make best use of it. This article argues that nurses are not currently adequately prepared to work with information and technology through their pre-registration education. Reflecting the lack of nursing informatics(More)
BACKGROUND Telehealth is one of the ways in which the UK health service is seeking to improve the care of people living with a long-term condition. One of the aims of its "3 million lives" program is to achieve more effective self care. A lot of the research into telehealth has focused on cost effectiveness, effective working practices, and barriers to(More)
Telehealth is seen as a key component of 21st century healthcare, and studies have explored its cost effectiveness and impact on hospital admissions. Research has been carried out into how to best implement it, and the barriers to its adoption. The impact of telehealth on self-management however has been a neglected area. An evaluation of the implementation(More)